Looking for a job? Get a tattoo.


The idea of getting a tattoo or piercing is nice unless if the idea is to get one on a person’s hands, neck, and face when they are job-searching and are already having trouble looking for a job.

As tattoos and piercings are becoming more acceptable to society now, people are becoming more vulnerable on joining the body modifications club.

But tattoo artists like Electric Alivia are finally taking initiative into turning people away from certain tattoos that might get people fired or not even hired in the first place.

On Alivia’s tumblr page, she posted a rant from an artist’s perspective going on about why she refuses to do tattoos on people who not yet have tattoos on certain areas due to the job issue.

As an artist, she is taking a leadership role with warning people as much as doing her best to know when it’s time to turn away from certain tattoos if their job tittle isn’t being “famous”.

If interested on expanding the mind with more knowledge, read this too:



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